Song of the week

Music is awesome. It can inspire, motivate, enlighten, depress, strengthen and move us.

I love songs that speak to the nature of being human, and a woman.

Once a week, stop by to see what’s playing on A Femillennial with Carly’s song of the week!

Illuminate – Emma Louise (Supercry)
June 20 2017

Step 1: Get home from work/school/whatever. Step 2: Prep drink of choice/cigarette/spliff/food – whatever your relaxing looks like. Step 3: Sit and enjoy.
With lyrics to re-inspire you the individual, and a gentle reminder of our uniqueness, I hope you all get as much out of this song as I do!

Jungle – Tash Sultana
June 13 2017

This looping, rocking singer-songwriter genius has been playing the guitar since she was three and blew into our lives in 2016 when Jungle went viral. Since then she’s toured the world and keeps giving us amazing, beautiful and creative music.

Dynamite – Asta (feat AllDay)
6 June 2017

This voice and a half won Triple J’s Unearthed High back in 2012 and she’s been smashing it ever since! Want to dance around your house like no-one’s watching? This is the song for you!

Girlie Bits – Ali Barter (A suitable girl)
30 May 2017

What can I say: Ali Barter is golden god, a relatively new Australian artist writing awesome rock alternative music with a focus on the chicks. She’s passionate about the stories of women and wants us all to make our voices heard. If you don’t relate to the lyrics in “Girlie Bits” you’re probably a man.