I’m Carly, a millennial feminist from Australia.

Having always considered myself a feminist, I got the educating of a lifetime after reading some modern feminist literature, including Clementine Ford’s “Fight Like a Girl”.
After years of feeling unmotivated in work and life in general, this catalyst forced me to re-look at my behaviour and judgements until this point (some of which were woefully and naively misguided).

Truth be told I’m a little annoyed at myself for arriving at the party this late,┬ábecause what a party it is! The ideas, the tactics, the jokes at the expense of dim-witted and overly-sensitive misogynists – there really is something for everyone ­čśë

Comments and feedback are always welcome in a constructive and considerate manner. Abusive, demeaning and/or incoherent sexist rants will be removed – take your negativity somewhere else guys – we have work to do!