An open apology to women

Dear Women of the World,

I’m sorry for anytime I’ve judged you, second-guessed your opinions or not taken you as seriously as I should have.

I’m sorry it has taken me this long to be active on issues that matter – equality, reproductive autonomy, violence against women and everything that goes with it – I was complacent and cowardly.

I’m sorry you are taught to value the opinion of men above each other, because let’s face it – we’re fabulous.

I’m sorry we’re pitted against each other in the hope of distracting us from our own oppression, and I’m sorry that it works.

I’m sorry so many of you suffer in ways I can only imagine.

I’m sorry in ways I probably don’t even know yet but I promise you this – I will try to do better.

I will try to do better because we deserve it and for the first time in my adult life I feel a part of something bigger.

You can too…



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